2013 DCBT Classic Photos

Classic Champs Paul Jones and Dale Fess with checks totaling over $4,500, including $1,000 Top Skeeter Award.

Second Place - Jim Hagan & Hermie Veech - 24.79 lbs.

Third Place - Alan Boyd & Dave Dupin - 24.57 lbs.

Fourth Place - Frank Zehr & Albert Parr - 24.48 lbs

Fifth Place - Tom Peak & Tim Brading - 23.34 lbs. and Big Bass of 4.54 lbs.
Big Bass earned $550 for the event, $300 for the largest Skeeter Bass, and a propeller repair from Mark's Prop Repair

Sixth Place - Jason Hubbard & Kevin Kratzer - 19.71 lbs.

First out of the Money - Rob Norrington & Derek Pressley - 19.68 lbs.
First out of the Money won $40 Gift Certificates from Rocky Point and $100 Certificates from Big Tales

Team of the Year and $750 went to Bernie Miller & Walter Pedigo

Second Place Team of the Year - Frank Zehr & Albert Parr

Third Place Team of the Year - Dale Fess & Paul Jones

Fourth Place Team of the Year - Jason Hubbar & Kevin Kratzer

Fifth Place Team of the Year & the Julie's Tell Street Cafe "Even Bag" award of $250 - Tony & Brandon Barker

Deka Batteries Big Bass of the Year - Frank Zehr & Albert Parr - 6.43 lbs. (Smallmouth)
Frank & Albert also won the Big Tales Heavy Weight Award, a $200 Gift Certificate - 17.73 lbs.

Everyone also enjoyed a great meal courtesy of Julie's Tell Street Cafe

Ralph and Kevin of Skeeter passing out the new Deer Creek Bass Trail Shirts

A Big THANK YOU to all the sponsors and friends of Perry Marine who made this year possible.  Also a big thanks goes out to all those that fished the 2013 Deer Creek Bass Trail.  We look forward to seeing you in 2014.