2016 DCBT Rules

2016 Deer Creek Bass Trail Official Rules

 1: Life vests must be worn when gas engine isrunning, and a lanyard type kill switch must be attached to boat operator

2: No trolling or use of live bait is allowed

3: Launch permits are required; Yearly or Daily

4: Fishing alone is allowed, but anglers fishing alone may only weigh in the state limit of 5 bass

5: Scoring for each event, and Team of the Yearstandings, is by total weight of team after any penalties or deductions

                *Teamof the Year is based on Total Weight in the Four Regular Season Events

6: Only Largemouth, Kentucky Spotted, and Smallmouthwill be counted for weigh-in

7: All boats must be checked in by officialcheck-in time; teams failing to do so will be DISQUALIFIED

8: Six (6) fish limit per team, with a minimumlength of Twelve (12) Inches measured by a Golden Rule

9: Fishing is permitted anywhere on the Ohio River and its tributaries, which are accessible byboat.

All fishingmust be from a boat, and all contestants must remain in the boat

Boats mustremain in the water during tournament hours

10: Short fish will NOT be weighed and teams willreceive a 1 lb penalty per short fish brought to the scales

11: A polygraph test may be given at the discretionof the Tournament Committee

12: Money will be divided equally in all ties

13: All decisions of the Tournament Committeewill be final

14: Dead fish: there will be no culling of deadfish, and a 1lb penalty per dead fish brought to the scales

15: Contestants under 18 must fish with an Adultor Legal Guardian

16: Fog delay: one hour or shorter delays willresult in extension of the tournament by the same amount of time, up to onehour.  After one hour, contestants may beconfined to Big and Little Deer Creeks for an additional amount of time, at theTournament Director's discretion.Anglers must remain in the creek(s) upstream of the Off Limit Area.  Times and terms dictated by conditions, withannouncements made prior to take-off.Violation of fog delay rulings will result in disqualification.

17: Check-in at Perry Marine the morning of theevent.  Entry position/boat numberassigned by order of received entry

Boat/Live wellcheck will be conducted as boats depart from launch area at back ramp

Start: Safe Lightaccording to Tournament Director, with weigh-in approximately 9 hr after startof tournament

Contestants may only weigh-in at the designatedconclusion of the tournament.  No earlyweigh-ins.

18: Must fish at least 3 tournaments AND finishin the Top 30 in the Team of the Year Standings to qualify for the classic.  Nosubstitutions in the Classic without being granted a medical hardship exceptionby the Tournament Committee.

19: Protests must be in writing, signed, and inthe hands of the Tournament Director within 15min. after scales are closed.

20: Starting position will be determined asentries are received.

21: No late fees will be applied. Entries will betaken at ramp until take off.

22. Pay schedule is (1 in 5)

23. Off Limits: 1st Bridge at the OhioRiver mouth of Deer Creek back BOTH Big and Little Deer to the furthermostupstream overhead powerlines.  Map to beprovided and areas will be marked and noted by Tournament Staff.

 By submitting this entry we hereby agreethat we have read all the 2016  Deer Creek Bass Trail rules and agree tofollow said rules.

 Also by submitting this form we agreethat we understand participation in bass fishing contains inherentdangers, for which we accept all risk and liability.  We agree to hold theDeer Creek Bass Trail, Perry Marine, Sponsors, and all agents and associates ofsaid entities harmless from liabilities that may arise from participating insaid event.

 We also agree that our images and likeness may beused in promotion of the Deer Creek Bass Trail.